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Building Partnerships with Families

At Montecito, we respect that parents are the experts on their child and are the primary influences of their values and culture. We also value the parent-teacher partnership. Together we form a supportive team that smoothly transitions the child between home and school. Your teachers send you detailed curriculum every week and conduct parent-teacher conferences twice per year. We invite all parents to contribute to the classroom by sharing their time, culture, interests and talents as a volunteer in the classroom, by joining the Parent Advisory Board, or by helping with special events. Please ask your teachers for their preferred classroom and teacher contact information.

Our Daily Structure & Activities

All Montecito classes and programs (including drop-in) have a routine that gives children the opportunity to make their own choices. This daily routine is predictable and promotes a sense of security and confidence, which allows children to engage more deeply in play and learning activities.

  • Opening Circle
  • Children’s Free Choice Activity Hour
  • Small Group Time
  • Bike Time
  • Large Circle
  • Hand Washing and Snack Time
  • Playground Time
  • Closing Circle

Child Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Montecito has a circular drive, which can become congested during arrival and departure times. Therefore, the drop-off and pick-up times are staggered by 15 minutes, as indicated in our Schedule of Classes and Fees and in our Parent Handbook. Traffic flow is counter-clockwise in the circle. Turn right upon entrance. Our speed limit while on campus is 5 mph. For you and your child’s safety, a teacher will escort the children to and from the cars.

School Calendar

Montecito operates according to the Los Altos School District academic calendars. The annual school term is 11 months, August through June. Summer Camps are 7 weeks long June 20th through August 4th, 2017. Year Round drop-in Enrichment is also available.
Please click here to view our calendar.
Click here for the Afternoon Enrichment Daily Schedule.
Click here for the Afternoon Drop-in Enrichment Daily Schedule and Curriculum for January/February, 2019.
Click here for the Afternoon Drop-in Enrichment Daily Schedule and Curriculum for March/April, 2019.

Enrollment Forms

Click here for class and program enrollment forms.

Summer Camp

Click here for Summer Camp information and application.
Click here for Summer Exploration with Miss Gina information and application.

Parent Advisory Board

The Parent Advisory Board (PAB) is a group of parents, administrators and teachers formed to help coordinate and strengthen the home-school connection and parent’s participation in the schools’ and their classroom activities. We meet monthly and work together to improve parent-teacher and school-community communications, as well as increase parent participation. If you are interested in becoming a part of the PAB, please contact our Director, Erin Mobley.