Preschool Teachers: Provide educational services to the children in classroom and/or program. Prepare a safe, clean, and aesthetic environment that is responsive to the children's developmental needs. Maintain practices for objective observation and documentation of individual and group behavior. Hold conferences with parents about students' progress 2 times a year and maintain communication with parents, including email and phone conversation, and in-person meetings as needed. Use appropriate and positive child guidance strategies consistent with the school philosophy. Design and plan curriculum and materials for indoor and outdoor learning areas. Attend weekly teaching team meetings, mandatory professional development meetings, evening orientations, and special school events as requested by the Director. Create an developmentally and culturally responsive environment to promote children's positive self-concept and self-reliance. Asses children's needs and provide responsive learning experiences based upon each student's needs, interests, and abilities. Initiate and maintain written records for each student. Initiate and enforce a set of classroom standards that facilitate effective growth and development and school readiness skills for each student.

Minimum Education: None.

Minimum Experience: Six (6) months.

The position requires completion of a minimum of twelve (12) ECE (Early Childhood Education) units. If selected for the position, Employer will perform background checks and will require Livescan fingerprints to be submitted through a sheriff's department. Employer's interview will include practical tests in a classroom setting to see how the candidate interacts/engages with the children.

Job Site: Los Altos, CA. Please send resumes to erin@montecitoschool.com.