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Director, Erin Mobley -- As the daughter of the founders of Montecito School, Erin Mobley is passionate about continuing her family’s legacy of early childhood education.  Erin works hard to make sure that she keeps updated on current Child Development research and Early Childhood Education curriculum to ensure that the learning environment and experiences for children at Montecito School continue to meet the founder’s original vision.

Staff -- Montecito employs a teaching staff of 30 professionals comprised of Teachers,and Assistant Teachers.  The administrative staff consists of the Director, Education Consultants, Finance Officer, Office Administrators and Bookkeeper.

Teachers and Assistants-- In addition to their academic credentials in Early Childhood Education, teachers are chosen on the basis of their ability to relate to young children, establish a supportive rapport with the children and parents, and their ability to provide a meaningful learning experience.  Our assistants come to us from a variety of backgrounds. Some are working toward becoming preschool teachers themselves, some are mothers or grandmothers of Montecito students and alumni, while others are retired elementary school teachers. No matter their background, all of our teachers and assistants are warm, enthusiastic individuals who are sensitive to children and their needs.

Thanh Goolish -- Thanh Goolish has been at Montecito since 2004. During this time she has been working primarily with classes of three-year-old, four-year-old and five-year-old students (Pre-K).  Thanh has a B.A. degree in Education from the University of Saigon, Vietnam, an A.S. degree in Human Biology from San Diego City College, and an A.A. degree in Early Childhood Education from De Anza College (2009).  She is continuing to pursue her studies to earn a B.A. degree in Child Development.  At San Diego City College, she also worked in the Biology Department for two years as a tutor and Assistant Instructor. Thanh came to us with more than five years experience teaching gifted children at the Elementary school level in Vietnam, and she volunteered her time assisting with teaching at Oak Elementary School in the Los Altos School District. She has also helped locally with Girl Scout Troop 435, and as a Counselor for the Summer Camp at St. Simon’s School in Los Altos. Thanh believes strongly that teachers are very important in a child’s life, because the attitudes and behaviors of a teacher can affect the development of a child through young adulthood and beyond. She has found that working with children has been and continues to be an enriching experience. Thanh has found that the more she has been involved with children, the more she has learned from them.  In her free time, Thanh enjoys reading, working in her garden, traveling, and spending time with her husband and her teenage son and daughter.

Edith Manalo Edith Manalo has been working at Montecito since 1998.  An elementary school teacher for 13 years, Edith has also taught preschool in the Philippines for 10 years.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the Centro Escolar University in Manila in the Philippines.  She also completed 18 units of course work and earned a certificate of Preschool Education from Philippine Normal College.  In July, 2001, Edith received a certificate in Child Day Care Management and an equivalent of 23.75 additional Early Childhood Education units.  Edith has shared her life long interest in children & literature with Montecito and our children, and she also works part-time at the Mountain View Public Library.  Edith endears all of us with her lovely, joyful manner and quiet dignity.

Paula Meeker -- Paula has been at Montecito since 1998.  She teaches the twos, threes, and fours. She started as an assistant, but was encouraged by Molly Matthews to become a teacher. She has 18 units from De Anza College and 5 units from UC Extension for mentoring Erin Mobley.  Paula has two grown sons who both graduated from Montecito. Before motherhood, she worked in the medical field as a phlebotomist, ECG and PFT technician.

Louise Miller -- Louise is one of our long-term Montecito Mums who joined us as an assistant in 2000, following her daughter’s graduation from our four-year-old class.  Louise is from England and delights us with her marvelous sense of humor, her abundant energy and her evident love for children. Prior to leaving England, Louise was an assistant manager for National Westminster Bank. Following her move to the U. S. she spent three years providing in home childcare for a Stanford family.  Louise has proved to be capable, warm and well loved by our parents, children and staff members alike!

Terry Quirimit -- Also known as Mrs. Q, Terry has earned her Bachelor of Science degree while majoring in Elementary Education from the University of Santo Tomas in manila, Philippines. She has also studied Special Education but her heart is truly working with preschoolers and kindergarteners. Terry has been teaching for over 35 years. Her energy is infectious, which entices her students to want to come to school. She is always ready to show her love and care for her students and their families. Terry is a mother of two and loves to cook, dance, garden and spend time with her family.

Rebecca Richardson -- Rebecca Richardson came to Montecito School in the early fall of 1999.  She was instantly enchanted by the child-sized environment, as well as the trees and animals. Rebecca is the second oldest of ten children, and has many fond memories of a childhood spent outdoors.  Rebecca has Early Childhood Education units from De Anza College. She also participated in a two-year training program provided by The United States Air Force at Onizuka Child Development Center. She continues her education by attending conferences and classes provided by The National Association For The Education Of Young Children.  She also continues her college education as time permita. Rebecca believes children and childhood should be treated with respect, dignity and a sense of humor.  Her goal for children in her care is that they experience their own competency and have fun doing it.

Rupal Shah -- Rupal joined us in the fall of 2003 as a volunteer as part of a class in Early Childhood Education. Rupal has become a beloved teacher to our three- and four-year-old classes, as well as she works in the main office helping our parents and helping run the administration of our school. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and 19 Early Childhood Education units.  Rupal is very passionate about young children and helping them become well-rounded people.  She also believes that teachers are very vital in a child’s life from a very young age. Therefore, she is committed to be a good model representing professionalism, dedication, and compassion as an educator.  She is a valuable asset to our school and we are delighted to have her!

Alicia Sledge -- Miss Alicia joined Montecito in 2008 as an assistant in the threes program.  She also works in our drop-in Enrichment programs, for preschool and elementary children.  Alicia is now a qualified teacher with a certificate from Canada College with 29 ECE units. Ms. Alicia also holds a Bachelor’s Degree and has owned her own child home day care. Ms. Alicia has a rich background of parenting five children. This spans thirty years of growth and development within her own walls of influence.  We are thrilled to have her share her life experience with us.

Shashi Varma -- Shashi joined us the summer of 2010 as a teacher in Elementary School drop-in Enrichment. Now she is teaching and assisting three-year-olds. Her background in early childhood education began in her home country of India, and continues at De Anza College, from where she has 26 Early Childhood Education units and is pursuing her Associate of Arts degree.  Like many of our teaching staff, Shashi’s passion for working with children stems from the experience she had when her daughter began preschool in 1999, when the Director of her daughter’s school invited her to join their staff.  We are delighted that Shashi is bringing her passion to our classrooms.

Sarah White-- Sarah came to Montecito in 2001 as an assistant in our Lunch program. Since then, she has become a cherished assistant to teachers, children and parents, in the two-, three- and four-year-old programs. Sarah hails from Great Britain and her warmth and willingness to lend a hand make her loved by children and staff alike!  Miss Sarah also runs our daily “Breakfast Club” program, our early morning care before school begins, and which includes cooking and preparing a monthly breakfast with her children.

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