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4-year-olds M-F mornings and afternoons - Pond Room

Welcome to the Pond Room for 2015/16!

The curriculum and activities in the Pond Blue Room are linked to provide a consistent learning experience for all the children.

Themes: Our theme for the first 2 weeks of school is All About Me and My Family.  Our themes for the entire school year are listed on this website under "School Calendar."

Weekly Newsletters for the Blue Room:  You will receive the weekly News From the Pond every week from your child's take-home box.  In addition, the weekly classroom curriculum for this class is sent to parents via e-news each week, as well as through the Sangha App.  If you have trouble receiving your curriculum, please contact your teachers or the office.  Thank you!   Teachers Rebecca, Aileen & Lupe


LAST WEEK:  The children seemed to enjoy using different tools to create texture on leaf shapes at the art table last week.  The children also showed amazing creativity in their use of our recycled materials!  There were opportunities to use hole punches, tape, pipe cleaners, as well as the usual crayons, markers, scissors, and glue.  The children are making progress in their use of language when asking for help, and communicating their needs, or opinions to peers and teachers.  Their sharing clues are also becoming more elaborate each week.

OUTDOOR PLAY:  The children are making great use of our backyard play area!  Our art table is usually bustling with creativity, as is the sandbox, and wood pile.  The wood pile has been a construction site, and a campsite.  The sandbox a bakery, or a dinosaur dig.  Many of the children are also eager to help take care of the garden. We are watering the garden about every two days.

THIS WEEK:  Our Fall theme continues with more fall themed art. We will make prints with real leaves, and make some applesauce to taste.  The letter of the week is E. 

EVACUATION DRILL:  The morning Pond Room will participate in the evacuation drill on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 15TH.  We will have regular class on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16TH.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND YOUR CHILD WITH THEIR SHARING ITEM.   The afternoon POND ROOM WILL PARTICIPATE IN THE DRILL ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16TH.  The AFTERNOON CLASS WILL SKIP SHARING THAT WEEK.  If your child also attends Montecito in  the morning class, we will return their sharing items the following week. 

HAVE A GREAT WEEK EVERYONE!  Teacher Rebecca, Miss Aileen, Miss Lupe



LAST WEEK:  The children seemed to enjoy using the apple peeler/corer to make applesauce!  Many of the children helped, and most of the children ate the applesauce we made.  They gave it a thumbs up!

ART TABLE:  Many of the activities at the art table were meant to promote fine motor development and problem solving skills.  The children used clay tools and gray clay to create sculptures to paint, after the sculptures are dry.  They used leaf shaped stamps and paper to make a tree with "autumn" leaves.  The trees and sculptures have great variety in size and shape! 

THIS WEEK:  Our Fall continues this week with books and activities about squirrels and weather.  The letter of the week is F.  The children will work together to use their bodies to form some of the letters we have worked on. 



  • EVACUATION DRILL:  The morning class is participating in the school wide drill on Thursday, October 15th.  The afternoon class is doing the drill on Friday, October 16th.  The morning class will still be held  on Friday, October 16th.  While waiting to pick up your child at the park, please display the blue car tag with your child's name on it.  Having the tag visible on your dashboard makes the drill go more smoothly!
  • EXTRA CLOTHES:  The weather is starting to change and the children can get a little cold during outdoor play.  Please send some warmer clothes to school for your child's "extra" clothes bag, and a lightweight jacket in case your child gets chilly.  We are happy to switch the lightweight clothes for the warmer clothes.  Please be sure to label your children's jackets with their names.  The children sometimes have difficulty recognizing their own clothes. 

WE HOPE YOU ALL HAD A NICE WEEKEND!  Teacher Rebecca, Miss Lupe, Miss Aileen

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Sharing:  Sharing is something that our class does every Friday (except when there are other special events scheduled for that day of the week). It is a time when each child gets a turn to give “clues” about an item that they have chosen to bring hidden in their bag. It is something that they want to show to the others in their small group. When possible, the item should either start with the letter of the week or have something to do with a theme we are studying. It cannot be a weapon or anything else that represents violence. Parents can discuss the item with their children, but it must be the child who figures out, and decides, what to bring and how to present the “clues” for their friends. This is primarily a time for introducing, and building, literacy skills with a teacher facilitated activity that children really look forward to.

Parent Visiting Days:  Visiting Days are a time for parents to spend the school day with their child.  They will be  scheduled to take place in early spring and are assigned to families according to the children's small groups. They are intended as a time for interaction, not just observation, and to encourage the participating parent’s involvement in their child's ongoing education.  Please no siblings or use of cell phones during Visiting Days.  

The Back Pack Program:  This is a home-based learning program, where we send your child home with a backpack, containing a book and an associated learning activity.  This program is available to children in our 4- and 5-year-old classrooms.  The books and activities will be varied – but all will have a specific learning objective.  Some will encourage pre-literacy skills, some will foster critical thinking, others will be math, art, or science oriented.  These backpacks are yours to enjoy with your child at home for one week.

Field Trip Information 2015-16:

Heritage Theatre (through the CTC -- California Theater Center at the Campbell Community Center) for a performance of JACK AND THE BEANSTALK

The CTC has created a wonderful, language-rich and visual retelling of a classic children's story that we are eager to share with all of you this year!   We will prepare the children for the experience by creating opportunities for the children to be actors and member of the audience.  We will also make masks, use puppetry and props, to make the experience more meaningful for the children.


Date THURSDAY, APRIL 7, 2016

Time 10:45 am

Cost $13.00 for two tickets.  We have reserved two tickets per family, except in the case of twins.

Deadline To Pay for Field Trip March 1, 2016

Place:  SUNNYVALE COMMUNITY CENTER, 550 E. Remington Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA  94087

*NO REGULAR CLASS WILL BE HELD ON THE DAY OF THE PLAY FIELD TRIP*  Please contact us with any questions.Hidden Villa Farm Tour:  DATES & TIMES TBA




Where: Hidden Villa Farm, 26870 Moody Road, Los Altos, CA


DETAILS:  Each child must be accompanied by an adult.  This field trip is specifically designed for children between the ages of 4 and 7.  The children will touch animals in their farm habitats, and taste food in the organic garden.  Please join us for a fun and enriching experience!  And remember to dress for the weather!

Montecito School 1468 Grant Road, Los Altos, California 94024 (650) 968-5957